Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mother Goose

Hello World of Bloggers!

How I have missed you all!! How I have missed blogging (how I will continue to miss blogging....:( ).

Today I got a comment from Ganise C., and it just got me thinking...I should probably post one more time before this baby comes!

Yes.  Time is flying.  Next week, we will officially be in the THIRD TRIMESTER!  I can't believe it!  Just a few short months left...those will segue into a few short weeks....and then a few short days...and then Baby Bear (affectionately nicknamed by daddy) will be here.  Crazy.

- Nick had emergency surgery for gallbladder infection in the last month.

- I was diagnosed with SPD (Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction) about two months ago, making pregnancy a very painful ( it will be worth it all!)

- We had our 18 week ultrasound a while back, Baby Bear is growing like crazy, healthy and strong (and freaking cute already).

- We've begun the awesome process of decorating and organizing baby's room, washing up all those cute tiny clothes!

WEEK 8 or 10:

WEEK 25:

Tired as I am (as usual), I'm going to log off (for who knows how long!).  Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement....hopefully next time I blog I'll have pics of something cuter than a burgeoning belly. ;)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage!

So yes, it's true!  We're due for a surprise little honeymoon bundle in September!  I've been dying to share the news (especially here), but we wanted to wait til we were a little further along to avoid that danger zone.

To make a long story short, it was a surprise, shocking at first and now very welcome.  We both wanted kids (in three years, haha), and N was exceedingly happy when I told him!  No throw-ups the first trimester, just unpleasant nausea and gagging (lol), now just achy and tired. :)  The bump is finally showing!  Not a ton, just a little! :)  I felt baby once so far (when I squished it by laying on my tummy), but soon I should be able to feel it quite regularly. YAY!  Heartbeat is fabulous, and we find out the gender in 4.5 weeks (AND WE CAN'T WAIT!).

Now On the Topic of Pregnancy...
*EW warning for those who don't know much about this stuff...


I can't believe how intrusive people feel like they are able to be when you're pregnant.  Like...a THOUSAND time worse than when getting married (when they all feel they should tell you about the best birth control, how to get used to living with a man, yada yada).  So annoying.

It's a baby.  Women have them everyday, and have been for thousands of years.  I have a mother, I've been a nanny, I have 7 siblings...I mean, really.  I know how to change a diaper.  I know women sometimes poo giving birth (yup, ew), I know after having that baby you don't care what you look like, your boobs leak, and the thought of pooping is terrifying.  You don't sleep.  You get stretch marks (that never leave).  You might break out instead of glowing.   I know those few little things...and way too much more.

Oh well.  I suppose it never stops.

On the Upside...

Getting to wear cute maternity clothes is fun!  All new reason to shop...

Work is easier because if you work at a job that requires plenty of physical can't do much.  You get to take bathroom breaks constantly, and get to sit down often.  Also...WORKING MAKES PREGNANCY EASIER!  Why?  Because you're busy, you're physically active, and your mind isn't totally consumed by the aches and pains! Yay!

All new reason to clean up that spare room we use for storage.  Yay, nursery! (HA...I'm not even close to being done with it).

My husband is extremely sweet and considerate when it comes to my being pregnant.  It's only begun, but already he gives those aching back muscles a rub, he cooks when I feel like puking, and always takes out the trash for me so I don't gag at the "barely" smelly trash.

And So...

Farewell til later bloggers!  Between work, marriage, and pregnancy, I'm crazy busy but I'll try to pop in again soon.  :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

She Lives...


*hides sheepishly*

I know I told you all I would blog like crazy after the wedding.  I know....

OK.  So yeah, it took us a month to get Internet...and working 40 hr weeks (the both of us), I haven't had much time to sit at a computer and type!

Life since the wedding:
- Working full time
- Horrible bout of bronchitis (me)
- Hospitalized for gallstones (him)
- Sick sick sick (me)
- Tired tired tired (him)
- So freaking happy (BOTH OF US!


And here are a FEW of the promised photos: ;)

Wish this one was more clear, but it's a picture of a picture. :) LOVE IT!

Mom straightening my veil for the hundredth time.  :)

I have no idea what I was doing in the pic...


Cake topper! <3

The bouquet.

I absolutely ADORED my super small and intimate wedding!  LOVED IT.  I would have had it no other way. <3

The ceremony. 
"You may kiss the bride..." OK!

My family <3

Getting crazy with the wedding pictures!

Happy Honeymooners!

Well, we're happily settled in our sweet little apartment...and at the moment, stuffed to the brim with the most amazing chocolate cake with chocolate rum ganache (I licked the bowl waaaaaaay too many times to be healthy...).   Honestly?  Nick has been asleep for an hour...I chilled on Pinterest.

What's in the future for the Fish Family?

....I have no idea.

Til next time! <3

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

9.5 Days Left...

Oh. My. Gosh.


It feels completely like forever since I've really blogged (or had time to read all of YOUR lovely blogs), and I MISS IT!  I hope everyone had an absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving!  Can you believe it's almost Christmas?  How's the Christmas shopping?  Any fabulous finds??

Ah.  Girl talk. :)

My life has been insane since September.  It's literally been non-stop going for the last few months.  Everyday I have a list of things to complete a mile long.  And guess what???


In fact, in 9.5 days, I will officially have a new last name, a new apartment (thank God I will be out of my parents house again), and a gorgeous absolutely loving husband.

I cannot wait.

I FULLY plan on updating you all on the wedding the week after, hopefully I will have a lot of great pictures to share!  In the meantime, I love you all and hope you have an absolutly BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL Christmas!!!


(HOLY COW, next time I write I'LL BE MARRIED!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Couples Interview (Pt. 2)f

Nick and Micah "met" at Grace Bible College 3 years ago.  They saw each other frequently as they had the same major (music), played the same instrument (piano), and had the same piano teacher.  They passed each other in the halls, in classes...but never really spoke to one another.

Interviewer:  " two didn't talk at school at all?"
Micah: "I think I talked to him once about Star Wars?"
Nick: "I don't remember that..."
Micah: "I asked what those cute furry teddy bear things were called on the one planet."
Nick: *sighs* "They aren't BEARS, they're Ewoks...and I don't remember that.  I know I complimented you once."
Micah: "You complimented my piano playing.  How could I forget?  Haha.  Complimented by the best pianist at school! YES!" *fist pumps*

After two years at Grace Bridal - uhm, Grace Bible College, Micah left school to pursue working for a while as she decided what she wanted to do with her life.  Nick continued on at GBC to attain his Bachelor's in Worship Arts (music).

Interviewer: "So Micah, you left GBC to pursue working...where?"
Micah:  "A furniture store in Holland.  It just seemed right at the time.  School was overwhelming, and when it came down to it, I just needed a change!"
Interviewer:  "So you were at school for two years together...didn't speak...and now you are engaged.  What am I missing here?"
Nick:  "I always noticed Micah, I wanted to know her better.  I noticed when she left school, at first I though she was just taking less classes or something.  After a while I realized she wasn't there at all.  That was my senior year at GBC."
Interviewer:  "So what happened then?"
Micah:  *laughs* "I'll let him tell it..."
Nick: "She makes it sound so creepy when she tells it!"
Micah: "Nooo I don't!"
Nick:  "After I realized she had left school completely, I sent her a facebook message and pretty much just said 'hey'"
Interviewer:  *eyebrows raise* "So Micah, you two never talked in school and now you get a message from did that go over?"
Micah:  "Honestly when I got it, I was super confused and thought he accidentally messaged me and was trying to get ahold of someone else!  I opened and read his message...and then I was kinda shocked.  Why on earth was he talking to me?!  We never even talked at school!"
Interviewer: "What did you do then?"
Micah: *more laughter* "Uhhmmm...I read my sisters the message and then messaged back quite vaguely....and then he messaged me back...and I messaged him back...and then he messaged me back..."
Nick:  "The messages went on for about a week, as she was in Florida at the time (March, 2013).  When she got home, I told her we should do coffee sometime.  She messaged me back and we set a date for the following Monday --"
Micah: "As friends!"
Nick: "That coffee date lasted five hours."
Micah: "And then we made one for the next week."
Nick: "Which lasted another five hours..."

After a series of really long dates that were "so much fun my face hurt from laughing" (Micah states), Nick and Micah realized their intended friendship had unwittingly turned into something more.  Something special and so much deeper.   More dates followed, Micah and Nick met each other's families (which went over well!), and as their relationship progressed, they knew what the future held for them.  September 15th, 2013, Nick asked Micah to marry him on a rainy pier at a park.

Interviewer:  "Nick, how did you pop the question?"
Nick:  "You should say I  TRIED to ask her to marry me on the pier.  She was to scared to walk out on it..."
Micah:  "I didn't want to die!"
Interviewer:  "So if you didn't propose on the pier, what happened?"
Nick: "Since she wouldn't come out to me on the pier, I came back to where she was standing.  I said, "Do you love me?""
Micah:  "I said "YES! Why would you ask that?""
Nick: "And then I asked her to marry me."
Micah: "Wait, wait, wait...he DID....but he was standing still.  Right up close to me."
Nick:  "I walked right up to her, holding the ring box.  As I asked her, I opened it for her to see."
Interviewer:  "What did you do Micah, when he asked you?"
Micah:  "I thought he was JOKING!  So...I said yes!  Next thing I know, he taps me in the side, and I look down...and there is the most gorgeous ring ever.  He wasn't joking.   I burst into tears."
Nick: "She cried...A LOT."
Micah:  "I pretty much cried like I was dying.  I was in shock!!!  He had just asked my dad's permission about and hour before, and I truly had no idea he was going to propose...or that he had the ring already."

After the proposal, the couple moved forward in planning their wedding.  December 20th was the date chosen for a small family-only ceremony, and December 31st (New Years Eve!) was the date chosen for their reception -- a
celebration with all their friends and family to welcome (the soon to be) Mr. and Mrs. 
Nicholas into 2014 surrounded by their loved ones.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How It Began... (pt. 1)

Six months ago I was preparing to celebrate my twenty-third birthday.  Very happily single, enjoying living five minutes from my work, and spending my evenings relaxing with a good TV show and a book (not to mention blogging!).  I was still busy as can be, steadily working and spending time with friends and family whenever I could.

Mid-march I was on a sister vacation in Florida, chilling for a week in the sun.  I was fully expecting to come home and go on with my life as usual.  March 13th, the day before my birthday I had a little bit of a falling apart.  It was late evening and I remember just being overcome with a little bit of melancholia.  I was happy single, and enjoying life at the time....but in a year, did I want to be in the same place?  I didn't think fact I was positive I didn't want to be. I cried a lot that night and I remember falling asleep on the floor writing in my prayer journal.

When I woke up in the morning, I had a carpet print on my face from where I fell asleep, and I was still fully dressed from the day before.  I remember waking up and thinking, you know what, twenty-three will be a good year.  I pulled myself off the floor and moved to the side of my bed to grab my phone and check my Facebook for a message from my aunt whom we were to go see that day.  That little red notification blinked at me "2 NEW MESSAGES".

Ahh...more birthday wishes.  Fabulous. 

I clicked to open the from my aunts, and then I saw the second one.... One from Nick Fisher?  what on earth? My my  mind scrambled as I tried to think of why on earth this man from school with whom I had barely ever talk to... would be Facebook messaging me a whole year after I left school!  My curiosity overtook me. I opened the message to see a short note asking how I was and what I'd been up to since I left college.  Hmm.  It was friendly and polite and pretty short.  What had I too lose?   I messaged back a brief life update,  asked how he had been, how school was going (when we were at school nick and I had both been in the same major).

He messaged me back...I responded with a few vague sentences and sent him well wishes on life.  ... pretty much I ended the conversation.

A while later the little red notification was blinking again.   I was now in the car with my two sisters,  on the way to St. Augustine for the day.   Hmmm...I opened the message again. This time I was expecting a vague note back and a farewell and good wishes in life from him.

Nope.  This message was twice as long, just as friendly and annoyingly enough to my sensibilities (which wanted to end the conversation because of my own hesitancy) was filled with kind questions that I couldn't ignore without being a total jerk. 

Soooo...I wrote back.

A bit later I checked again... there was another message!  What on earth!   At this point (an hour into a five hour drive) I read the messages to my sisters.  "I'm trying to end the conversation politely and without flirting... but I don't want to be mean!"  Of course they were more than happy to offer suggestions which I promptly accepted and sent my final message to this Nick guy. All good. 

Well... as you've seen the pattern I'm sure you can guess what happened next. 


He wrote back again.  Cleverly leaving me with more questions I'd need to respond to before ending the conversation if I wanted to be polite. 


And so for the rest of that weekend I messaged back and forth with this guy (I admit I stalked his Facebook profile a bit)... by Monday the following week I was back in Michigan and his last message to me said something on the lines of "Hey, if you want to meet for coffee sometime (just as friend), here is my number,  just give me a call and we'll figure out a time. "

Well... ends up I was free that night.  So called him. 

Three hours later I was pulling into the coffee shop. 

Five hours and one coffee later...I was on my way home with the strangest fluttery feeling and rosy cheeks. My face hurt from smiling and laughing so much. 

All I could think about was the really handsome (really great smelling) guy with the nice facial hair and gorgeous deep voice with whom I had just spent five hours with. 


To be continued...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm alive.

Yay, new summer haircut! :)

Yeah, you aren't the only ones that wonder sometimes if I'm still living.  I wonder sometimes if I am!  Everyday is spent in a crazy rush to and fro.  Go, go, go...rush, run, busy, crash.  Literally my days are generally 7-8am to 1-3am.  Nearly everyday.  I. Am. WORN. OUT.

But guess what???

I have a two week vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Starting today!!!  Well...I have to work one Saturday...but still.

Sad thing?  Already I have nearly everyday plotted out.  BUSY BUSY BUSY.  Does life every stop this rushing about?  I have three weddings, a reception, movie night, coffee with long lost friends, a trip to camp, family time...nearly everyday of my vacation is already plotted out with "important" irreversible events.

Gonna lay in the sun by the pool EVERY DAY I get the chance!!

Oh well.  I will enjoy them all, I am sure.

I am going to wear basketball shorts and a swimsuit everyday I can.  I'm going to braid my hair and not blow dry it...and rarely wear eyeliner.  I'm not EVER wearing Sneakers. YUCK.  I'm gonna sleep more, eat better (no more disgusting fast food during long work days), save gas money, and spend more (valuable) time with the most handsome (and silly) man in the universe. :)

Silly faces for the 4th of July...

Apparently we just LOVE fireworks...or we drank WAY too much Biggby. LOL.

Oooh....and I'm gonna see my nephew!  My sissy and bestest friend had her baby a few weeks back and I'm dying to see this little chunk! new nephew Archie! :D

Ooooooh, and I get to spend more time with these most beloved little faces!  Seriously, they have stole my entire heart!
Sweet baby Lucia!  I adore this little chub!
Happy faces all around <3
Love these kiddos! :D
So for me, summer has just arrived!  And I intend to spend every moment of the next two weeks enjoying it! :)

Happy summer!