Monday, October 28, 2013

The Couples Interview (Pt. 2)f

Nick and Micah "met" at Grace Bible College 3 years ago.  They saw each other frequently as they had the same major (music), played the same instrument (piano), and had the same piano teacher.  They passed each other in the halls, in classes...but never really spoke to one another.

Interviewer:  " two didn't talk at school at all?"
Micah: "I think I talked to him once about Star Wars?"
Nick: "I don't remember that..."
Micah: "I asked what those cute furry teddy bear things were called on the one planet."
Nick: *sighs* "They aren't BEARS, they're Ewoks...and I don't remember that.  I know I complimented you once."
Micah: "You complimented my piano playing.  How could I forget?  Haha.  Complimented by the best pianist at school! YES!" *fist pumps*

After two years at Grace Bridal - uhm, Grace Bible College, Micah left school to pursue working for a while as she decided what she wanted to do with her life.  Nick continued on at GBC to attain his Bachelor's in Worship Arts (music).

Interviewer: "So Micah, you left GBC to pursue working...where?"
Micah:  "A furniture store in Holland.  It just seemed right at the time.  School was overwhelming, and when it came down to it, I just needed a change!"
Interviewer:  "So you were at school for two years together...didn't speak...and now you are engaged.  What am I missing here?"
Nick:  "I always noticed Micah, I wanted to know her better.  I noticed when she left school, at first I though she was just taking less classes or something.  After a while I realized she wasn't there at all.  That was my senior year at GBC."
Interviewer:  "So what happened then?"
Micah:  *laughs* "I'll let him tell it..."
Nick: "She makes it sound so creepy when she tells it!"
Micah: "Nooo I don't!"
Nick:  "After I realized she had left school completely, I sent her a facebook message and pretty much just said 'hey'"
Interviewer:  *eyebrows raise* "So Micah, you two never talked in school and now you get a message from did that go over?"
Micah:  "Honestly when I got it, I was super confused and thought he accidentally messaged me and was trying to get ahold of someone else!  I opened and read his message...and then I was kinda shocked.  Why on earth was he talking to me?!  We never even talked at school!"
Interviewer: "What did you do then?"
Micah: *more laughter* "Uhhmmm...I read my sisters the message and then messaged back quite vaguely....and then he messaged me back...and I messaged him back...and then he messaged me back..."
Nick:  "The messages went on for about a week, as she was in Florida at the time (March, 2013).  When she got home, I told her we should do coffee sometime.  She messaged me back and we set a date for the following Monday --"
Micah: "As friends!"
Nick: "That coffee date lasted five hours."
Micah: "And then we made one for the next week."
Nick: "Which lasted another five hours..."

After a series of really long dates that were "so much fun my face hurt from laughing" (Micah states), Nick and Micah realized their intended friendship had unwittingly turned into something more.  Something special and so much deeper.   More dates followed, Micah and Nick met each other's families (which went over well!), and as their relationship progressed, they knew what the future held for them.  September 15th, 2013, Nick asked Micah to marry him on a rainy pier at a park.

Interviewer:  "Nick, how did you pop the question?"
Nick:  "You should say I  TRIED to ask her to marry me on the pier.  She was to scared to walk out on it..."
Micah:  "I didn't want to die!"
Interviewer:  "So if you didn't propose on the pier, what happened?"
Nick: "Since she wouldn't come out to me on the pier, I came back to where she was standing.  I said, "Do you love me?""
Micah:  "I said "YES! Why would you ask that?""
Nick: "And then I asked her to marry me."
Micah: "Wait, wait, wait...he DID....but he was standing still.  Right up close to me."
Nick:  "I walked right up to her, holding the ring box.  As I asked her, I opened it for her to see."
Interviewer:  "What did you do Micah, when he asked you?"
Micah:  "I thought he was JOKING!  So...I said yes!  Next thing I know, he taps me in the side, and I look down...and there is the most gorgeous ring ever.  He wasn't joking.   I burst into tears."
Nick: "She cried...A LOT."
Micah:  "I pretty much cried like I was dying.  I was in shock!!!  He had just asked my dad's permission about and hour before, and I truly had no idea he was going to propose...or that he had the ring already."

After the proposal, the couple moved forward in planning their wedding.  December 20th was the date chosen for a small family-only ceremony, and December 31st (New Years Eve!) was the date chosen for their reception -- a
celebration with all their friends and family to welcome (the soon to be) Mr. and Mrs. 
Nicholas into 2014 surrounded by their loved ones.


  1. Gahhhh!!!! Yes!!! Love it!! You two are so adorable!! :)

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    God's richest blessings on your marriage and on the years ahead.

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    Love this post. Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

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