Saturday, October 19, 2013

How It Began... (pt. 1)

Six months ago I was preparing to celebrate my twenty-third birthday.  Very happily single, enjoying living five minutes from my work, and spending my evenings relaxing with a good TV show and a book (not to mention blogging!).  I was still busy as can be, steadily working and spending time with friends and family whenever I could.

Mid-march I was on a sister vacation in Florida, chilling for a week in the sun.  I was fully expecting to come home and go on with my life as usual.  March 13th, the day before my birthday I had a little bit of a falling apart.  It was late evening and I remember just being overcome with a little bit of melancholia.  I was happy single, and enjoying life at the time....but in a year, did I want to be in the same place?  I didn't think fact I was positive I didn't want to be. I cried a lot that night and I remember falling asleep on the floor writing in my prayer journal.

When I woke up in the morning, I had a carpet print on my face from where I fell asleep, and I was still fully dressed from the day before.  I remember waking up and thinking, you know what, twenty-three will be a good year.  I pulled myself off the floor and moved to the side of my bed to grab my phone and check my Facebook for a message from my aunt whom we were to go see that day.  That little red notification blinked at me "2 NEW MESSAGES".

Ahh...more birthday wishes.  Fabulous. 

I clicked to open the from my aunts, and then I saw the second one.... One from Nick Fisher?  what on earth? My my  mind scrambled as I tried to think of why on earth this man from school with whom I had barely ever talk to... would be Facebook messaging me a whole year after I left school!  My curiosity overtook me. I opened the message to see a short note asking how I was and what I'd been up to since I left college.  Hmm.  It was friendly and polite and pretty short.  What had I too lose?   I messaged back a brief life update,  asked how he had been, how school was going (when we were at school nick and I had both been in the same major).

He messaged me back...I responded with a few vague sentences and sent him well wishes on life.  ... pretty much I ended the conversation.

A while later the little red notification was blinking again.   I was now in the car with my two sisters,  on the way to St. Augustine for the day.   Hmmm...I opened the message again. This time I was expecting a vague note back and a farewell and good wishes in life from him.

Nope.  This message was twice as long, just as friendly and annoyingly enough to my sensibilities (which wanted to end the conversation because of my own hesitancy) was filled with kind questions that I couldn't ignore without being a total jerk. 

Soooo...I wrote back.

A bit later I checked again... there was another message!  What on earth!   At this point (an hour into a five hour drive) I read the messages to my sisters.  "I'm trying to end the conversation politely and without flirting... but I don't want to be mean!"  Of course they were more than happy to offer suggestions which I promptly accepted and sent my final message to this Nick guy. All good. 

Well... as you've seen the pattern I'm sure you can guess what happened next. 


He wrote back again.  Cleverly leaving me with more questions I'd need to respond to before ending the conversation if I wanted to be polite. 


And so for the rest of that weekend I messaged back and forth with this guy (I admit I stalked his Facebook profile a bit)... by Monday the following week I was back in Michigan and his last message to me said something on the lines of "Hey, if you want to meet for coffee sometime (just as friend), here is my number,  just give me a call and we'll figure out a time. "

Well... ends up I was free that night.  So called him. 

Three hours later I was pulling into the coffee shop. 

Five hours and one coffee later...I was on my way home with the strangest fluttery feeling and rosy cheeks. My face hurt from smiling and laughing so much. 

All I could think about was the really handsome (really great smelling) guy with the nice facial hair and gorgeous deep voice with whom I had just spent five hours with. 


To be continued...


  1. I LOVE this. So much. Can't wait to hear more your story! :)

  2. Fantastic!!! I love these kind of posts......Keep it coming!!

  3. Ahhhhh QUICK! Continue!! I want to read more! :)

  4. Congratulations!!! How exciting to have found your life partner!
    You may find this strange, coming from a stranger .... but I totally saw this coming. Your earlier posts gave all the clues.... :)
    Enjoy the crazy fun of planning a wedding and enjoy the adventure of your engagement - and best wishes for your lifetime journey together.

  5. Girl, how happy I am for you!!!! What a fun, sweetly romantic "Part 1" and I can't wait for "Part 2!" :)

  6. This was SO precious, Micah! Congrats - and thanks for letting us be a small part of your journey. :)

  7. I was wondering how you guys got together out of nowhere! So fun! Thanks for sharing!! :)