Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm alive.

Yay, new summer haircut! :)

Yeah, you aren't the only ones that wonder sometimes if I'm still living.  I wonder sometimes if I am!  Everyday is spent in a crazy rush to and fro.  Go, go, go...rush, run, busy, crash.  Literally my days are generally 7-8am to 1-3am.  Nearly everyday.  I. Am. WORN. OUT.

But guess what???

I have a two week vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Starting today!!!  Well...I have to work one Saturday...but still.

Sad thing?  Already I have nearly everyday plotted out.  BUSY BUSY BUSY.  Does life every stop this rushing about?  I have three weddings, a reception, movie night, coffee with long lost friends, a trip to camp, family time...nearly everyday of my vacation is already plotted out with "important" irreversible events.

Gonna lay in the sun by the pool EVERY DAY I get the chance!!

Oh well.  I will enjoy them all, I am sure.

I am going to wear basketball shorts and a swimsuit everyday I can.  I'm going to braid my hair and not blow dry it...and rarely wear eyeliner.  I'm not EVER wearing Sneakers. YUCK.  I'm gonna sleep more, eat better (no more disgusting fast food during long work days), save gas money, and spend more (valuable) time with the most handsome (and silly) man in the universe. :)

Silly faces for the 4th of July...

Apparently we just LOVE fireworks...or we drank WAY too much Biggby. LOL.

Oooh....and I'm gonna see my nephew!  My sissy and bestest friend had her baby a few weeks back and I'm dying to see this little chunk!
Awwwwwwws....my new nephew Archie! :D

Ooooooh, and I get to spend more time with these most beloved little faces!  Seriously, they have stole my entire heart!
Sweet baby Lucia!  I adore this little chub!
Happy faces all around <3
Love these kiddos! :D
So for me, summer has just arrived!  And I intend to spend every moment of the next two weeks enjoying it! :)

Happy summer!


  1. What a charming "update" post, Micah. Wishing you all the best, girl - and love the new bangs.

    Happy vacationing. Take some time to relax. :)

    1. Thanks!!!!!!!! :) I hope to take some time and BLOG!!! I miss it! :)

  2. Archie is ADORABLE!!!! Oh gosh how cute!!

    And yay for someone who dislikes sneakers like I do!!! =D

    1. I know, right?!?!?!?! I still have yet to see him in person! UGH. I hate sneakers and I have to wear them daily for work. SO GROSS! So happy for a sneaker free vacation!!!! :D

    2. This is his mommy chiming in... Thank you Ella, we think so!
      And his full name is Archer Joseph, BTW... Just throwing that out there since Auntie LL didn't. I'm not sure how I feel about "Archie" as a nickname! :p

  3. ARCHIE IS SO ADORABLE!!!! Oh gosh....

    Yay for someone who dislikes sneakers like I do!!!

  4. Yay! Just popping in to comment...and that's all. Emailed you!

  5. Keep it simple, or you'll feel like to rushed through the whole vacation! Take a day or two to just do nothing!!!

    Wait! Are we doing coffee? Lol!

  6. Yay!! So happy to see your truly gorgeous face in my feed!! Sounds like your busy in a good way, though!! So happy things are going so well for you, sister-friend! :D

  7. Great to hear from you!!!!!! And gorgeous pictures!!

    Aaahhhh, Life!!!! If you ever figure out how to slow it down, please let me know, so I can slow it down!

    Have a wonderful vacation!