Thursday, June 6, 2013

{The Beautiful Madman}

You don't normally equate madness with beauty...but in this case, I think it's proper.

Vincent Van Gogh.  A madman whose heart and soul were so tormented, yet through his eyes he saw only color and beauty .  He studied the popular English artists, he admired the draughtsmen of his century so very much so that he compared the gravity of their work in the art world to that of Charles Dicken's impact in the literary world.  

I would say, that in a way, Vincent's own art is the Charles Dickens of his time.  He was a page turner, an eye opener.  Just as Charles Dickens opened the world's eyes to the squalor and fight of the every day class struggle -- Vincent opened the world's eyes to beauty and life breath in colors.

Some would choose to focus solely on the anguish of Vincent's final days where he feel in the deepest of places and became the tortured artist in every way imaginable.  He said while confined Saint-Paul-de-Mausole asylum, "Where can I go that is worse than where I've actually been?" We cannot forget those dark days as they contributed to the depth of his artwork...but I think instead, we should give focus to the beauty in his life which is clearly portrayed in his art.  Vincent was a Sunday school teacher, pastor, missionary to the coal miners,  a writer, avid reader, a loving brother and son...but off all this, to be greatest remembered is the beautiful legacy of art he left behind.

Dreamer, philanthropist, and creator of beauty -- this is Vincent Van Gogh.


All my love - Little Lady. 

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