Sunday, June 9, 2013

14 Things to Do When You Need Distraction

I think the title is pretty self explanatory. ;)

{Biopics . Biographies}
A great way to keep yourself busy is to inform yourself while you do it.  Think of a favorite artist, singer, writer, actor -- anybody and hop on YouTube and look up their bios.  It's free, easy, and some can be really quite interesting!

Learn a new talent.  Once again YouTube can be immensely helpful for this!  Just type in "How To _________" and choose a video!  Master your skill!
Here are a few ideas:

{Bake and Share}
Using this you can not only practice the valuable (and delicious) skill of baking, but bless someone else as well!  Bake something fabulous and take it to your local Fire Station, Car Wash (weirdly enough, it's a great place to gift people with cookies), or to a friend who might need some cheering up.  It's affordable, fun, and kind.

{Genre Switch} gender switch.  GENRE switch.  If you normally watch all movies or TV shows in a certain genre, go to your local library and find something completely different.  Watch the whole thing.  Think and compare...who knows, you might find an absolutely new favorite!

This isn't as difficult and time consuming as it sounds.  Just walk into somewhere (lilbrary, thrift store, local church, ministry) and just ask if you can give a hand for a little bit.  It's not a commitment.  You can literally go to a thrift store anywhere and volunteer for like...20 minutes.  They will be thrilled to death.  Once again -- it's helpful and free, and you can learn a lot while you bless others!

{Soda Seize}
Go pop bottle collecting if you are in a state with refunds.  For real.  People like me who are horrible at taking in their pop bottles (sometimes...I just throw them away...) LOVE it when other people take care of their pop bottles for them.  Pros?  You can make a LOT LOT LOT of money this way.  Also...low commitment.  You could do one street in your neighborhood and come away with enough money to take a Starbucks run.  Awesome.

{Work Out}
Don't run away screaming.  It's not that scary.  Google "fun work out routines" and pick one!  Even if you only do it once, it's better than not doing it at all, and it truly is a good way to kill time (and calories!).  Just run around the block some jumping jacks or something.  You can't go wrong, and you'll be surprised to find you are super happy at the end -- yay endorphins!

Read something you normally wouldn't.  Go to a store and find a brochure on something.  Pick up a book of a weird genre.  Find a new favorite blog and dig into the Archives.  Grab a book full of beautiful places ('s free).  Even if you do this for only one hour, it's one hour better spent than staring out the window (and you never know what you will discover!)

Write a blog post.  Or a book.  Or an informative...thing.  Or...a sermon...How-To guide.  Something, anything!  The most fun (I think) is doing my first suggestion (yay Biographies), inform yourself and immerse yourself for a while, then emerge and inform all the rest of us!  Not only will you love learning something new, you will love being able to share it!  If you aren't into those kinda things...write a Sci-Fi book.  I've never done it...but I've heard it's fun. lol.
(Snail-mail is always a plus!)

{Pop Some Tags}
I know...not a lot of us have extra money to spare right now....but if you do have a little, and some time on your hands... Hop online and look for charities in your area for families in need.  Give them a ring and see what kind of items they are in need of.  Go to your local thrift store and shop for those who really need it!  You can find some beautiful items for a fabulous price, and then just hop in the car and drop them off at the charity.  Feeling particularly blessed and generous?  Grab a couple $5 gift cards on your way over (and don't bar out a gift card to Starbucks or Biggby or some such luxury.  The money families in need ARE given goes straight to bills...give them what they can't have...a little sweet luxury).

{Where You Are}
Explore.  Seriously just take a little time and explore where you live!  Go to the park, library, little local museums, try a coffee place you've never been to, head to the snazzy part of town and cruise past all the mansions...  You never know!  You may find a new favorite place!  Bonus' is, by exploring you will have far less chance getting lost next time you're trying to navigate somewhere!

Call up that long lost friend and meet for coffee somewhere.  You may be surprised at what a great time you have!  And if you aren', you are still keeping busy!

Plan someone else's party...or wedding...or reunion.  If this means just sitting and Googling....go ahead.  If this means 2000 new pins on your part pin board...go ahead.  If this means you and a pencil brainstorming on a sketch book, do it!  You may amaze yourself, learn some great new things, and make yourself indispensable the next time your sister wants to set up a get together!

{The Epic}
No...I don't mean write an epic.  Start an epic project.  Tear out a wall.  Repaint a room.  Change all your artwork.  Re-paint your furniture.  Re-arrange all the cupboards in your kitchen.  Sort through your old school papers your left in the closet.  Clean out your laptop or PC ( probably NEEDS a good defrag-ing).  Switch around all the furniture in your bedroom.

So there you have it.  
No more excuses about having nothing to do.  Keep busy, keep distracted, keep your mind on what you are doing.  This should be especially effective if you are missing someone.  I should know. ;)

All my love!!! 


  1. I'm in the middle of planning a blog thing, preparing to paint a wall in my kitchen, and finish writing my current novel. No boredom here!

  2. Just got finished cleaning my room and now contemplating a blog post. So no boredom here either! :D This is a great list, Micah. I hope you've been able to keep distracted from counting the minutes and seconds? ;P Happy Sunday!

    1. ....I am TRYING to take my own advice...but I am HORRIBLE at it. I am out of things to do at the moment :D

  3. Love this so much, Micah!! Thanks for all the suggestions. Helpful :)

    1. If you have any of your own, shoot them out, I would love to hear!!! :)

  4. This was a fabulous list! Sorta makes me wish that I had time to kill just so I could do some of them...especially that one about taking cookies to fire fighters. Except...I'm way to gut-less. ;)

  5. I just love thrift stores- so fun and you find so many great pieces for cheap! Alex

  6. Cute post, Micah! Great list of ideas - don't we all need this sometimes? Though unfortunately, most the time, we run out of hours in the day. :)

  7. Awesome ideas.....especially for those on summer vacation.


  8. he back yet?? Is all right with the world once again? Guess that means we're back to seeing hardly anything of you on the blog again. It was great having you back for a little while, Micah! :)

    1. YES HE IS!!!!!!!!! He got in Wednesday...and I've pretty much been with him for all but a few hours (and when sleeping of course)....and I'm s psyched out of my mind to see him home again. Right now? I am exhausted....but it's been worth every minute spent together. When he was on his way home wednesday I literally was so excited I wore myself out and have yet to recuperate. Lol. Life is good.